Dar Ceramics: Project Announcement

KCORP is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded a contract to develop the official website of Dar Ceramics, one of the region’s leading ceramics manufacturers.

DAR Ceramics is one of the largest ceramic suppliers in the Saudi market located in Jeddah. With the focus on high-quality raw material, over time it has become the leading ceramic tile manufacturing company in the Middle East.

This new project involves building a total website identity for Dar Ceramics leading to the implementation of an interactive website that is capable of showcasing the uniqueness and quality of Dar's products. In line with its strive to serve the best interests of its clients, KCORP has assembled an exceptional project team for this project to meet DAR Ceramics expectations. It is anticipated to launch the website by the end of this year.

KCORP will also be providing hosting and support services after launching the website in realization of its philosophy to provide its clients with total integrated solutions that are dynamic enough to serve their evolving needs.