KCORP Signs Exclusive Osteoporosis Prevention Campaign Agreement

KCORP has signed a contract with King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to be the exclusive implementer and promoter of the “Prince Sultan’s Campaign for the Prevention of Osteoporosis". This campaign is planned to last for 4 years with a 100 million Saudi Riyals of funding secured from the private sector. This comprehensive campaign will comprise a number of events and activities including: workshops, conferences, forums, and educational programs.

The signing ceremony which took place in the Center of Excellence for Research on Osteoporosis on Wednesday July 13, 2011, marked the official start of the campaign. The contract was signed by Prof. Dr. Adnan bin Hamza Mohammed Zahed, Deputy of King Abdulaziz University for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research and Chairman of the Centre of Excellence for Research on Osteoporosis, and Dr. Abdulaziz bin Sager, Chairman of KCORP.

“The Center of Excellence for Research on Osteoporosis sensed the danger of this disease and decided to organize this campaign. We have chosen KCORP as it has expertise in managing campaigns and organizing regional and international conferences,” Dr. Adnan H. Zahed remarked during the ceremony.

This agreement goes in line with KCORP’s strategy to utilize its expertise towards the success of its clients. This particular campaign is significant due to its goals, which include raising awareness about osteoporosis in the Saudi society. “Securing the success of this campaign is a national duty in the first place, that’s why KCORP will utilize its international expertise to serve the Saudi people; the campaign shows the concern of the Saudi leadership for its citizens,” Dr. Sager stated.