Sultan Ibn Abdulaziz National Awareness of Osteoporosis and Prevention Campaign Launched

On behalf of His Royal Highness Prince Khaled Al-Faisal, Emir of Makkah, the first Saudi Osteoporosis Forum was launched yesterday evening by His Royal Highness Prince Mishal Bin Majed, Governor of Jeddah. The purpose of the National Awareness of Osteoporosis and Prevention Campaign-that held with the participation of a group of scientists, academics and researchers in the field Osteoporosis, in addition to a number of Saudi scientific societies- was to create national awareness of osteoporosis and prevention of this dangerous disease.

The forum was CO-organized by K.Corp and will last for three days. As for the activities, the ceremony started by reading verses from the holy Koran and then the Director of the Center of Excellence for Research on osteoporosis Dr. Mohammed Saleh delivered his speech in which he said that the campaign confirms state's interest in the health of citizens and residents and the importance of addressing osteoporosis and raise awareness of this disease.

The chairman of K.Corp Dr. Abdulaziz bin Othman bin Sager gave his speech in which he praised the efforts made by several parties including the Centre of Excellence for osteoporosis Research at King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah (the Organizer) and all employees of K.Corp and its branches inside and outside the Kingdom, where they made intensive efforts to launch the campaign. The opening session included a documentary film about the concept of Osteoporosis and the importance of Sultan bin Abdulaziz Campaign.

The head of the Saudi Society for Women and Obstetrics, Dr. Hassan Saleh Jamal gave speech in which he spoke about the importance of this campaign, and has said that Saudi society is one of the communities most affected by Osteoporosis.

Then, the Rector of King Abdulaziz University, Dr. Osama bin Sadiq Tayeb explained in his speech that the campaign of Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz was adopted by His Royal Highness the late Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz, and will continue in recognition of and loyalty to His Highness. Today morning sessions began and addressed various topics related to Osteoporosis, and the sessions meetings will continue until Thursday, February 9, 2012.

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