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Website Development Services
KCORP has a proven track record in developing websites and online portals as can be seen in its impressive website development portfolio. KCORP has in-depth expertise in MS .Net, PHP, ASP, JSP, Java, MYSQL, Visual Basic, Visual C++, ODBC/ADO, Oracle, SQL Server, CSS, AJAX, JavaScript, DHTML, XML, XSL and XSLT. These technologies are utilized toward the realization of the client goals and the delivery of topnotch web-based applications.
We offer custom website development services in the following areas:
 Website Design Branding
 Website Development
 E-commerce Solutions
 CMS Web Development
 Web-based Database Programming
 Open source Software Customization
 Enhancement and Maintenance of Existing Websites
KCORP is also capable of developing a wide-spectrum of websites and web portals including:
 Dynamic Corporate Portals
 Dynamic Portals
 E-commerce Websites
 Social Networks
 News Portals
 Event Websites